Registration Is Closed

The Arnold Model Search seeks to discover and reward up and coming “fitness models.” The competition is a LIVE STAGE event this year.
ALL MODELS will present themselves on STAGE at the Arnold Model Search Event. 
Our new format will allow for up to 100 female model registrations! REGISTRATION CLOSES ON FEB. 22, 2018.

We will not be doing an online contest this year, but will instead be a stage only event.


ALL registered models (ONLY 100 REGISTRATIONS ACCEPTED) will participate on stage at the Arnold Model Search in Columbus, Ohio on Thursday March, 1, 2018 at Batelle Hall in ROUND I.

  • The Arnold Model Search will follow the Women’s Amateur NPC show on Thursday afternoon.
  • Check in will be Thursday March 1st at noon at Batelle Hall
  • Models are responsible for their own transportation and room and board.
  • Event Time will be announced a bit later once scheduling for both events is complete.
  • PRO TAN will be the official Model Search tanner.
  • Anyone with an Arnold Amateur Ticket for Thursday will receive admission to the Model Search.
  • TOP 25 SCORING ROUND I Models will move on to ROUND II
  • ROUND II will involve a swimsuit look that CANNOT BE A COMPETITION STYLE SUIT!
  • Any models wearing competition style suits will be automatically disqualified!
  • Connectors on the swimsuits are not acceptable. We are looking for non competition style swimsuits only.
  • The scores from BOTH ROUNDS will be added together to determine the winner.


(A complete list of Awards will be added to the website in the coming months) 
  • Winner will receive a $3000 cash prize plus a trip to Las Vegas to appear at the ProTan/Steel Fit Tradeshow booth during the Olympia.*
  • Winner will receive a Professionally Designed and Developed Promotional Website from Robin Mckim, Graphic Artist, Web Developer valued at over $2000.00.**
  • Gym Gems will be providing winner: $200 gift certificate, $100 gift certificate for the 2nd place finalists, and $50 gift certificate to the 3rd place finalists.
  • Winner will receive a $300 Gift Certificate from Elite1FitGear.
  • Winner lunch with Arnold on Sunday!
  • The TOP 10 Finalists will receive a Better Bodies Stringer Bag, Cap, Fitness Shaker, Wrist Wraps and a Gym Towel
  • The TOP 10 Finalists will be recognized on stage at the Pro Show Friday Evening and have a group Photo op with Arnold.
  • The TOP 10 Finalists will receive a Victoria Secret Sponsor Gift Package.
  • The TOP 10 Finalists will receive 2 Tickets to the Party with the Pros After Party and the superstar seminar Sunday.
  • All models will receive an Arnold Model Search tank top from Iron Demon Clothing LLC.The TOP 5 will be awarded trophies.
  • The WINNER will have the opportunity to compete in one of the International Arnold Model Searches, airfare paid for.
  • The TOP 10 Finalists will receive Rockstar Bikini Swimsuits.
  • ALL competitors will receive a 3 month membership to

*ProTan payment would be made accordingly $550 upon winning, then $350 monthly starting April - October of 2018. The winner will have to work with ProTan/Steel Fit to help maximize social media. ProTan will require 4 posts per month and 1 video to their instagram account.

**Website Design/Development Award does not include the addition of an eCommerce shopping cart, however winner may wish to consult with Developer regarding additional services that fall out of the scope of the prize. Domain name, along with 1 year of paid hosting will be provided. 

Judging Criteria on stage includes, but is not limited too the following:

• Overall presentation of contestant’s physique – bring your BEST to the stage!

• Poise, glamour, physical conditioning, aesthetics, and athletically toned physique that is not overly muscular, hard, or over conditioned.


1. First round themed Fitness wear by all models.
2. Top 25 compete in Swimsuit round.

We encourage you to let your individuality and personality shine through!

What Are We Looking For

We are looking for the “IT Factor,” one model who has it ALL…a healthy lifestyle, a fit body, charisma, glamour and the ability to project yourself as an top A-lister fit for Hollywood.

Models will be disqualified if they wear a competition style bikini or thongs in competition. 




Physique/Appearance: Physique/Hair/Makeup/Complete look

Posing Style/Expression:
Front & Back Posing/ Stage Swag


Swimsuit/Fitness Wear:
Originality/Awesome Fit


Models will be disqualified if they wear a competition style bikini or thongs in competition.

What Happens on Stage

The competition will consist of 2 rounds, your Fitness Themed Round, and Top 25 Swimsuit Finals Round.

You will walk on stage when the presenter introduces you by name. Once in the center of the stage, you will walk down the runway to the end, turn around and walk back to the stage and into a line-up along the back wall.

You may choose to perform 2-3 or poses at the end of the runway before turning around. There are no regulations for posing, this is at your own digression and should simply be something that matches your personality and look. The competition is a model contest, so we are only expecting you to be able to enter the stage and perform a T- walk and then line up diagonally against the back curtain.

Top 25 Final Round

If you are selected in the Top 25, you will appear on stage again in your swimsuit wear. From here, the judges will select the Top 10 and winner.

Stage Presentation

The Arnold Model Search is unlike any bodybuilding competition, as there are no specific requirements for the model walk. Just like your outfit, your walk and posing is entirely up to you! We encourage you to embrace your individualism and flair – get some inspiration from modeling runway videos and fashion shows!